Sunday, January 18, 2009


All my growing up years my mother made homemade bread, twelve loaves every week. She said it was an inexpensive way to keep tummies full. I loved the days I would come home from school and the house smelled of home baked bread. I didn't make bread for many years because the kneading of the bread caused my Carpel Tunnel. After My first husband died, I was asked what I wanted to Christmas and I asked for a Bread Mixer. That was what I got.
So I started to make bread for my family. Then, one day after school (I was attending BYU) I mixed up the bread, put the loaves in the oven, turned on the timer and sat down to study. My mind, come back to a kitchen full of smoke. I had burnt the bread. The second time I had burnt the bread was the day I gave up bread baking and went back to buying bread. Over the years I would make bread once in a while as a treat. Lately I have felt the need to make bread and I do a pretty good job of it too. I have been teaching my daughter and daughters-in-law and others how to make bread using my mother's recipe.

Here is the recipe.
For one loaf of bread:
1 cup liquid (any liquid, I use water)
1Tbls. sweet (any sweet, I use sugar)
1 Tbls fat (any fat, I use Olive Oil)
1 Tbls SAF yeast
1 tsp salt
2+cups flour (flour has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air- so sometimes you need to add more flour to get all the liquid absorbed.)

Mix all to gether. It should form a slightly sticky ball. Use a little more flour to make it less sticky so you can knead it by hand. If you are using a bread mixer the dough should pull away from the sides. Knead for 10 minutes. With the SAF yeast there is no need to let the dough rise, punch it down then let it rise again. Just form your loaves, or rolls, let rise about a half hour so that the loaf peaks above the top of the pan. Put it in a 350 degree F oven and bake for 25 minutes.

Maggie once told me that she felt loved when I made bread and homemade cookies. "Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven."

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  1. I'm am so grateful to you in teaching me how to bake bread! Larry LOVES it and I feel so accomplished that I can FINALLY make bread,rolls, etc that aren't hard as a rock! :) Thankyou so much Momma! My bread still isn't as good as yours, but I'll keep working at it.
    Ps- You should be able to pull the pictures down by clicking on the picture(hold down the mouse button) and drag the picture down...sometimes it takes a second to scroll the pictures down. It's time consuming, but hey! That's most things!