Sunday, January 4, 2009



My son Larry and his family came for Christmas and New Years. Last Wednesday, Edana (Larry's daughter) came down with a virus we are calling the flu. She was one sick little girl and of course, we all took turns caring for her. While she was still sick, first Daddy came down with it and then Mommy came down with it. Nana (that's me) came down next. Then Aunt Maggie came down with it yesterday and finally Grandpa Mike came down with it this morning. This virus has major stomach problems and lasts 36-48 hours. PIT! The only one in our house who hasn't gotten it is Laura, our foreign exchange student. Her habit and of spending a majority of her time at home in her room with a door shut may just have protected her from this awful situation. Soon it will have finished the course though the household and I will have washed everything and a maybe at will gone from our lives.


  1. I'm so very glad I didn't get it! Gah! I was so very worried! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. Remember how bad we all feel for getting you all sick and then leaving? :( What a great exit, right? I hope you are all better!