Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let It Snow

Ever since I was a child growing up in western Idaho, I have hated winter. I especially hated the COLD! Then life picked me up and dropped me in a snow bank called UTAH. Winter isn't quite as bad here as the winters growing up, yet my opinion of winter didn't change much. It didn't change during the winter that the snow was so heavy that the carport roof collapsed. It didn't change the winter we got out of church early with the directions to get the snow off the roofs of our homes because the weight was too much for those structures.
Then a drought came to Utah and we had year after year with relatively mild, snowless winters. You would end up wearing you winter coat maybe 2 times each winter. A light jacket was good enough most of the time. You could count the number of times the snow reached the Valley floor on one hand and the snow rarely stayed. You would think my attitude would have been,"Hurray, winter is dead and gone. I can live with this! ;D" That may have happened at first, but my attitude toward winter changed as each year passed and I began to miss it. What I really missed was the anticipation that came with waiting for the first Robin and the first crocus to poke it's head up through the snow. I remember seeing the tulips pushing their way up through the soil and instead of being excited, thinking, "We haven't had winter yet."
So, this year we have snow and lots of it and it is sticking around. There is snow enough to get tired of it and then when the tulips finally push their way up through the soil to reach for the sun, I will be sick of the snow and rejoice that Spring has finally come.


  1. :) We are very similar, you and I. Though, I have yet to actually not curse the snow. Larry was so happy to be out in Utah to see REAL snow, as he calls it. I can't believe you guys actually had a carport roof collapse by it! Wow.
    I love your blog, Momma. And I totally think that you have every right for your blog name claim. Everyone that knows you I think will agree that you are THE craftknowit all!

  2. I love the snow so much! I've missed it these last few years! CJ on the other hands hates it and wants very much to move somewhere much I have a feeling we'll send up in Cali or AZ or somewhere like that. :)