Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things

So I stole this idea from my face book page. 25 random things about me.

1. I am old and grey so I usually dye my hair medium brown.
2. I have less than 30% of my cartilage in my right knee, so I don't move so well. A complete knee replacement is in my future.
3. I am currently married to a wonderful man, Michael, who takes good care of me.
4. I have three children, 4 step-children and 12 grandchildren with one more on the way. One grandson's name is Colorado Jones. His dad said he was named Colorado because Indiana was taken.
5. My favorite book is anything by Dick Francis, Issac Assimov, Anne McCaffery, and about a dozen more authors. I read fast so reading 2 books a week is about average.
6. Just watched, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull for the first time. It was fun.
7. I like to make things. I like to make lots of different things. When I get bored I learn to make something new, so I am rarely bored.
8. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Baptized at age 8.
9. I served a mission in Southern Florida about 30 years ago.
10. I work in the Primary in my ward. Nothing is better than having a 3-4 year old wrap their arms around your knees and call you "teacher".
11. I am Carl E Eyring's widow.
12. I finally found a way to keep my tile floors clean. I mean really clean. I use a steam floor cleaner. Easy and wonderful.
13. I have already started on this years Christmas presents. I usually make more than 50% of my gifts.
14. I will be applying for a teaching license this month. I will be teaching science (I hope).
15. Right now I am earning money by Substitute Teaching at our local High School. (Yeah Cavemen.). I am having so much fun.
16. I am thinking of starting up an Etsy store.
17. I just put supper in the oven with the delayed timer on so that supper will be ready when we get home from church.
18. We have a foreign exchange student with us this year. Laura is from Germany and right now she is sick. She has finally come down with the flu that the rest of us had at New Years.
19. I have a Cricut Expression machine and I LOVE IT!
20. I am plotting in my head what kind of Valentines card to make my Hubby! I bought some neat paper and I have plans. When we got married we agreed not to buy presents for Valentines and Anniversaries. We have to make the cards we give.
21. I don't have a favorite movie.
22. When I watch TV, if I think about it, I turn on Good Things Utah, anything CSI and Numbers.
23. I love bacon!
24. My favorite color is green. I really like sage green.
25. My favorite flowers are purple ones (pansies, African violets, etc.)

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