Sunday, March 15, 2009


Right now I have a "blow off the top of your head" headache. And "Why do you have a headache at this juncture in time?" you ask. Because of STRESS!!!!! Things feel like they are beginning to pile up on me, and when that happens, I get STRESSED! Now it's not like I don't have oodles of time, to accomplish everything I have on my mega long "TO DO" list. I just don't like not having them all done right now. It drives me nuts. So now, I just need to work my way down the list, getting the stuff done that needs to be done first, first. ;) In this frame of mind, I created my "Mother's Day" card for the Card Swap. I've been thinking on it for weeks. Since, I was in the card making mode, I proceeded to made the invites for my eldest daughters Baby Shower, which is 6 weeks away from now. Something that needed to be done, but not just yet. Well the invites are done, but I still have a pile of stuff that needs to be done before the baby shower. I am stressed and it all my own fault.

I wish I could adjust my thinking so that I wouldn't stress so much. The cards did turn out pretty good, didn't they.


  1. they really did! I love how creative you are. I'm sorry you're stressed, momma. Want to be stressed together?? This morning I've been trying to perfect the art of making rye pumperknickel bread for tonight. I've already gone through three loaves...ha. You'll have to let me know when the shower is, so I can send something out for it. I love you!

  2. I love the cards! I'm sorry you're stressed, too, but hopefully you've been able to cross a few things off that list. I miss you - hope you guys are doing well.