Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny Tutorial

Here is my first tutorial. I apologize that I show this so close to Easter. I have been making these little bunnies, on and off, for all most 40 years. They are really easy and inexpensive. I needed a gift for friends and decided on these, and it struck me that I should do a tutorial on them before I started. So I got out the camera and recorded the process. It doesn't take long to make one and they are loved by those who receive them as gifts.

So here we go. Supplies: 1 new wash cloth, 1 rubber band, 2 buttons or googly eyes, 1 pompom, glue, 1 plastic egg full of treats.
First you lay your new wash cloth out flat on the table. Then you roll it from one corner to the other.
Then grab the two ends (these will be the ears) and pull them together.
Then fold the ears back over the top so that they are laying back by where the tail will be. Use the rubber band to gather the face together. I hope the picture shows what I just tried to say.
Finally, tie the ribbon to cover the rubber band, then glue on the eyes and the pompom for the tail. Place the plastic egg in the loop in the cloth body. You're done. I took me longer to do this blog than it did to make three of these bunnies. Thanks for looking.

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  1. i like it! You are so clever. I'm all about tutorials, so bring them on!!!