Sunday, September 20, 2009

You Know you are a teacher when...

You end up chaperoning a High School Dance. Last night I chaperoned my High Schools Homecoming Dance. The last time I had gone to a High School Dance of any kind was back in 1972. It was a disaster that I prefer not to think about. Since it was the only dance I had attended in my 4 years of High School, you can see that my experience is indeed limited.

So I went to this dance with interest in seeing what if anything might be the same. First, differences: The music was different. It wasn't my rock-n-roll. Though I did recognize some of the groups represented, Michael Jackson, Backstreet boys, etc. The clothing was different, as different as you can get with a 36 year gap between dances. This main color for clothing was Black. 70% of the dancers, guys and girls, wore black in some form.

Next, the same: The dance had been going for almost a full half hour before everyone started to dance. The room was as dark as you could get it, and yet be able to recognize someone halfway across the room. Then there were the differing groups of dancers. There were those who knew how to dance (we are talking ballroom type of stuff here). These dancers danced around the outer edge of the floor so that they could have room to dance! The girls dancing with these guys had very happy looks on their faces. The DJ for the dance played one slow song followed by one fast song. A pretty good mix. Then there were the ones who only danced fast dances. I watched them and I wondered how many of them had practiced in front of a mirror, and if they knew what they really looked like would they keep dancing that way. There were the groups that dance the fast music with steps they had practiced and when it came to the slow dance held the dance position and rocked back and forth. I watched with amusement those dancers who did the box step (3/4 time) to 4/4 time music.

Other likeness's: This dance was held in the Main Gym of the High School. It looked like a decorated Gym. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely, yet it was the Gym. Brought back memories of working my tail off to decorate for a school dance, only not to attend the dance because I hadn't be asked. With so many bodies packed together, it got hot. We would go outside to cool off. This group stood in front of the massive fans that were set up to circulate the air. Some danced directly in front of the fan. They called it fan dancing. It was loud, and I couldn't make out the words to the songs, yet the dancers would sing (shout) out the words of the sings as they were played.

When I first committed to go I was dreading it. I ending up having a really good time. I am people watcher, that's what I have done a majority of my life, and I truly enjoyed my stint as chaperon at a High School Dance

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