Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The first Halloween after we were married, Gampa took me for a ride to a neighboring community.  We stopped in front of a house that had a huge spider on it's roof.  He said. "I want that."  So the next Halloween and every one since we have worked on having spiders on our roof.  We have people stop and look at our house constantly during the month of October.  This happens especially on Halloween Night.  We have Trick-or-Treater's pull up in a vehicle, get out and trick-or-treat just our house.  We are known in our neighborhood as the  Spider house.  We love it.

This is the spider I created yesterday.  This spider made Gampa smile when he saw it.  It makes me smile too.

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  1. I love your spiders! The ones on the roof are just awesome! I'd come trick or treating at your house if it wasn't such a long drive, just to see that!