Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafts Gone Crazy

I have had an extraordinary month or so of creating things!   Here are some of the things I have made!
 This is a Diaper and Wipes Container.  I make 6 of them to give as baby gifts.  It will hold a refillable wipes container and at least 2 diapers.  This has always been well accepted.
 This is a piece of "Subway Art" that I have it hanging in my home!  My daughter helped me created the printing and I made the frame and put it all together!  Wonderful!

 This is a crocheted dragonet (pattern by LucyRavenscar) and created by me.  My grandson who has been watching "How to Train a Dragon", has now become dragon crazy.  He wants this dragon to "fly".  I am now keeping it high on a shelf.  He wants one, so he may get one for his Birthday.  That gives me plenty of time to get another one made.
 This are copies of little holders for ice pops.  It is designed to make the pops look like light sabers.  But do they work?   My little grandson used them and loved it. No cold hands, which made both of us happy.  I made 12 of them for about $1.50.
See that dark line going down left side of this book, well that is a very simple book mark made of elastic and a button to cover the knot in the elastic. If the book has a spine, I glue a ribbon in the spine, for books don't have a spine, I use these elastic hoops as a book mark. Wonderful!
This is a little hat for a new born.  One of my young friends is expecting twin girls!  I made two of them for her shower.  One with pink pompoms and one with purple.
I have about 6 more projects in the making!   Will post them when they are done!

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