Monday, October 17, 2011

Snowflake lamp!

On Pintrest there was a beautiful lamp made with a balloon, glue and doilies.  I don't have many doilies.  So I decided to make one of snowflakes.  I have snowflakes.  I used too big of a balloon, because it took almost 30 snowflakes to get this made.  The lights, are a string of 20 Christmas lights, I spray painted the wires white.  Turned out nice.  What didn't show (my camera isn't that fancy) where all the lacy patterns the lights it threw on to the walls.  My thanks to Snowcatcher for the joy her snowflake patterns have brought in my life.  I am going to Colorado Springs this Thursday.  Maybe I'll drop by her work and meet her.  It was a year ago last month that I first stumbled on to her Blog and I love it. :)

1 comment:

  1. That really did turn out sensational! I've been wanting to put together something myself, but I've been worried about heat from lights igniting the cotton thread. So I'm still at the drawing board. You beat me, and it's a beautiful project! I can only imagine the glorious shadows it must throw in the night!

    Looking forward to meeting in person!