Monday, October 3, 2011

LittleTrack Star

We knew he loved to run!  He spent last year chasing Grandpa around the house.  We went to see another grandson play in an 8th grade football game.  We made it to the game, but the grandson we were there to see, wasn't there.  Our 2 year old, on the other hand identified the red surface as a "track" and added the word "run!" to  it's identity.  So his Mommy told him to go a head and run, run he did.  He ran almost three full times around this 1/4 mile track.  Mommy couldn't  keep up with him, and Grandpa had to run to keep up with him.  At one point he fell, he just got back up and kept on running.  I couldn't believe it.  Where did he get all that energy?  When he was forced to stop, so we could go home, we had one very happy and tired little boy on our hands.  Yep, he loves to run!

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