Friday, November 18, 2011


I have become a member of a web sight called, Instructables.  On Pintrest, I noticed that a lot of the DIY projects I was interested in were from Instructables, so I did some investigating and discovered that I love it.  Basically people who belong to Instructables, created an instructable (read tutorial here) on how to make something you do well or are passionate about.  So far I have published 4 instructables.  Two I put on this blog.  We I have decided not to go into all that extra work.  I, instead, will show a picture of what the instructable is about and include a link to it, so that you can go directly to the instructable and view it yourself.  It's free to join, with lots of contests, etc.  It makes me smile :)

My latest Instructable is How-to-Tie-a-Florist-Bow.  Have some fun learning how to do this for yourself.


  1. How cool to find out I'm going to be seeing you on there! I've found lots of fun projects there, such as building a mini speaker inside an Altoids tin!!! Whodathunk?!?

  2. ooo! A new website to follow!? I'm there, especially for cute craft instructions. Thankyou!