Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wooden Stocking Holder

This is the wood Christmas stocking holder I made for the "create-with-me" challenge for November at Ucreate.  Christmas Stockings are a big and the best part of Christmas at our house.  Twenty years ago, the first Christmas after my first husband died, I realized that we had enough money to give each other gifts or have a Christmas stocking stuffed with stuff, but not enough for both.  So we had a family meeting and decided to exchange Christmas Stockings.  We would exchange names and your job was to fill the Christmas stocking for the person whose name you drew.  Well, it has become a major Christmas tradition.  When we have had tough financial years, we still filled each others stockings.  That really is the best part of the gift giving.  We have a stocking hanger big enough for 5 stockings.  Since we are now empty nester's, a smaller one seemed appropriate. 
It was made with scraps from around the house, white vinyl that I already owned and cut on my cricut, the hooks I found in one of Grandpa's drawers, and I paid $.54 for the votive candle holder.  I glass etched snowflakes on the glass. I used Sugru to attach the glass to the board.  Not to bad.

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  1. You are so inspiring me with your snowflake projects. I like your stocking stuffing Christmas tradition, too. Stockings are the best part! (of gifts...)