Friday, December 30, 2011

Instructables and Me

Let me tell you about Instructables and how I feel about it.  It makes me smile...A LOT!  The editors at like what I do...A LOT.  One of the things that they do to make you feel appreciated is "feature" your instructable, if they feel that it meets a certain standard of quality.  I have met that Standard in 15 out of 25 Instructables.  Only now I have a problem, as an award they give you 3 month "Pro" membership.  They will also give 1 year "Pro" membership if they show your Instructable on the Home Page and it you win a prize in one of their Weekly Challenges. Usually you will pay money to obtain the advantages of a "Pro" membership.  I have at this time 22 years of "Pro Membership".  One nice advantage is that I can give 10 of them away.  So, if you are a friend of mine and would like to sample the joys of "Pro membership" at  Contact me in the comments below and, if I don't already have it get me your e-mail address, and I will see what I can do.  Once they are gone they are gone.  Thanks for looking.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Dear Nana,
    I found your Blog in a round about way. Cheri, the Roaring Mama, her sister's new blog, then yours... I bookmarked Cheri's blog a while back because she really seems to enjoy her boys and still carve out time for sisters and crafts. Balance is such a tricky thing. While many of the craft and sewing projects seem possible to me, the tech/ computer savvy, photo taking parts of instructables amaze me. It is such a mixed bag of talents needed to share and teach and publish. I admit to be sadly behind in the tech department. If you choose me for one of your Pro years, I promise to oooh and auhhh appropriately. Thanks for sharing your talents by teaching in this new way. m
    PS I am not Mormon or from Utah. I was born and raised and still live in Florida. Currently I belong to an Orthodox Presbyterian Church. My young years began in a more liberal Presbyterian denomination, but my family attended more reformed denominations as my parents grew in their faith.
    In the late '70s early '80s I road tripped through the west with my grandparents and can say I visited Utah. Bryce Canyon? I have also changed planes in Salt Lake City when flying to family reunions in the Grand Tetons to and from Jackson Hole , WY.