Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Week

I  have been busy this week. Until I reached today and realized that, other than read this really great book, I'm reading, I didn't have anything I absolutely had to do. Okay, I had to do a Secret Santa delivery. I also had to do dishes, but then when didn't I have to do dishes. So I decided I could write and publish a couple of Intructables. So here they are for this week.I have been collecting the pictures as I did each project, so it was just a matter of writing them up and publishing them. 
 This is my version of Butter Beer, for the MDH, who is a Harry  Potter and all things Harry Potter Fan.  The recipe is found here.
I had to make sugar cookies for a Cub Scout Pack Activity this week.  So as, I had to make the cookies anyway, why not make an instructable of it.  So here is the recipe with how to do it! 

 I have come to the conclusion, that a majority of the things I create can be made into Instructables. 
 So my creativity is still doing it's thing, only now I do them with a camera in tow.

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