Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make a Beaded Watch Band

I am allergic to some base metals.  When I learned how to make beaded bracelets, it was easy to go one step further to create beaded watch bands, so that I could wear my watch again. This is:  "Make a Beaded Watch Band”, using some new beads I bought. 
Beads (of your choice, cost $3-$12 a package depending on what you choose)
1.0  mm Stretch Magic string ($2-$3 a roll)
4 lobster claws ($3 a pkg. of 4-6)
Pkg. 3 hole spacers ($4 a pkg.)
Piece of felt
Super glue
Tape measure
A watch face with pins (to complete the watch, I used my old one, scratches and all)
Lay the felt out as your work surface.  It prevents the beads from rolling off your work surface on to the floor.  Cut a 15 inch piece of the 1.0 mm stretch string.
You are going to start at the center of the 15 inch string.  (This will be one end of the watch band.)  Put one or two small beads to keep the lobster claws apart. Add one lobster claw on either side of the center beads.  Make sure that the opening of each claw faces the same direction.

Place beads on each side of the lobster claws. When you have gotten 2 or 3 beads, place a 3 hole spacer on the two strings (place one string through one hole on one end, the other string through the other hole in the opposite end). 
Continue stringing beads, using at least 4 spacers to separate the beads.
When you reach the end of your pattern, on one of the two ends, add one claw, then add the same beads used on the other end (between the claws) then the last claw on the other string (again make sure these claws open in the same direction as the ones at the other end). 
Wrap it around the intended wrist and see how it looks.  If you don’t like it, restring in a new pattern.
Once you have it “done”, tie a tight square knot in the two ends of the string.  Cut the ends close to the knot and put a drop of super glue on the knot, this will prevent the knot from untying.  Let is set for one minute.
Clip the claws on to the pin at each end of the watch face. Done! Wonderful!
Things you need to know:
1.    The stretch string is thick enough that it is really hard to break, but it can stretch out. 
2.    You may hand wash the beads, but be sure to get it really dry like with a blow dryer.
3.    If it becomes stretched out, just restring on fresh piece of string.
4.    Like most pieces of jewelry don’t wear it to bed, this one thing wears out jewelry faster than anything else you do.
Now you are good to go.  Enjoy!


  1. I would like to use this post in an ebook I am creating. I would point a link back to your blog and name you as a contributing author for the chapter on "beaded watch bands/bracelets". It's a simple but very elegant design and something I believe would be very useful for others with allergies or an interest in beading bracelets. BTW, I live in UT also, in Lehi :-) Let me know if you will be willing to share your post. Kenny

    1. Go right ahead, I am sorry I was so late getting back to you. I often miss comments on my blog. Just found it today. Sounds wonderful!