Monday, May 14, 2012

A Basket for My New Bike

Some tax return money was used to buy MDH and I each a new bike. We bought Huffy Coasters, bikes just like we had when we were kids.  Mine is a white 26 inch bike, with the black and mint green trim.  I use it to ride around the neighborhood.  It became evident, very quickly, that I needed a basket, to put things in, while I travel from place to place.  This last weekend, while I was with my Mom, I found a plastic basket that was the right size, depth, width and length, wrong color though.  I bought it anyway and today I revamped it into a bike basket.  This is how I did it.
A plastic basket (11½”x 10¼”x7¼”, $2.50 at local craft store)
Spray Paint for plastic ( a left over ½ can did the trick, I used white to match my bike)
3- 15” pieces 1” Nylon strapping
3-1” black buckles
Sewing machine (or thread and needle)
If they aren’t already, cut your 15” pieces of 1” nylon strapping.  Use a lit match to melt both cut ends of each strap.  This prevents the strapping from coming unraveled.
Sew a loop of the one end of the strapping around the center of the buckle.  I did it in orange thread because I was too lazy to change the thread on my machine.
Take the basket to well-ventilated area.  This spray paint smells worse than others so outside is a great place to get the color change of basket.  If you don’t want to use plastic spray paint, prime the plastic with primer then spray with whatever spray paint you want.  Spray an area, let dry, turn over and spray the next area, repeat until all of the basket’s old color is covered with the new color.  My basket is now white instead of blue.
I really like this basket because it already had the holes in it that I could use to strap the basket to my bike.  So two of the straps were used to attach the basket to the handle bars through holes at the top, and the third strap went through holes at the bottom of the basket and around the head tube that holds the handle bars.  I pulled the straps as tight as I could, and made sure the tail ends of the straps are inside the basket.  Done!  The real test will be putting something in it and going for a ride.  It makes me smile.


  1. Wow, my eyes are still glazed over... I LOVE your new bike... you knew I would, right??? The new look to your blog is stunning. And what a handy basket! Wow, I just love that mint green with the white! Might have to make a snowflake like that now... And you'll know from whence the inspiration came.

  2. I'm glad you like it! I love just riding around. You could call the snow flake "coaster".