Monday, July 30, 2012

July Fun!

Things we have done so far this month since July 4th:

Helped Grandpa work on the car.
Played with playdough.
Swung in the tree swing.
And ran through sprinklers.

Ate Otterpops
Make and ate our own gelatin fruit snacks.
Talked to Larry on Skype.
Sent packages to Afganistan.
 Went to a family reunion in Wyoming.
Got books to read from the Library.
Made new friends.
Went on picnics.
Watched fire works.
Helped Grandpa build a shed...

So far so fun!


  1. Who's the incredible clay sculpting artist?!? You are very fortunate to have had fireworks this year. We had bans. People weren't even setting off bottle rockets at home. Was quite a strange July 4.

  2. I am the sculpting arstist. My grandkids like my creations. So Do I. We haven't had any fires lately. We have had some of Mays rain now. Love you!