Friday, September 21, 2012


My first package to Afghanistan has been received, and my son said, "I just wish mom could have seen her face.  She beamed."  From what I understand, she loves Owls and the owl pillow as perfect.  So perfect that some of the other women soldiers in their unit are envious of the pillow.
So now I am working on the Halloween box.  My original plan was to create new pillow covers for the first pillow form I sent.  So I sat down last night and made this pillow for this next box.  After all what is Halloween without a Jack-o-lantern.
Can you figure out what is on the Jack-o-lantern?  I have decided to tell you my blog friends how I am creating some of these things for my boxes to Afghanistan, but don't plan on lots of pictures.  My camera is AWOL and I have to borrow MDH's camera for the pictures I am taking.  I traced it free hand from the picture and then cut it out of the paper.  I traced the cut put areas with a pen onto the orange felt.  Then I took embroidery floss and satin stitched over the places that you would have cut out on  a real jack-o-lantern, making sure to cover up the pen ink. 
Have you guessed yet?  That's right, it's an owl.  I hope she likes this one as well as she did the last one.
I also went to Wally's World and bought a small solid foam pumpkin.  Basically I gutted the pumpkin by cutting a hole in the bottom and then scrapping as much of the Styrofoam in the inside out.  Once it was pretty hollow, I cut a jack-o-lantern face on it and then put an electric tea light under it. (Its the one on the left.) That was yesterday.  Today I went to the local dollar store and found small carvable pumpkins.  They weren't there yesterday.  I think that both of these will be in her box.  Should I carve the second one or leave it for her to carve?  Hmmmmm.
Other wise, all I need is some Trick or Treat candy and a bag of cereal to fill the box.  I will be putting it in the mail shortly after the 1st of October.

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