Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Round Loom Christmas Stocking

We are approaching Christmas and so it is time to be making things, especially things that will need to be in the mail before December 3rd if it is going to Afghanistan.  Here is how to use a round loom to knit a Christmas stocking.  Christmas stockings are a big thing at our house.  I would much rather get a Christmas stocking full of lots of fun little stuff, than just one larger more expensive gift.  I’m afraid I rubbed off on my kids when it comes to this.  So if you need to create a Christmas stocking for someone this Christmas, here is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make one.

1- 31 peg round loom (mine happens to be red)
1 skein 4 ply worsted yarn (chose a main color- I did a holiday variegated yarn)
1- leftover selection of 4 ply worsted yarn (chose a complimentary color- I used red)
Yarn needle
Tape measure
Loom hook
Crochet hook
e-wrap – Make a slip stitch loop and attach it to the first peg, the one just right of the anchor peg.  First take a pretend pencil and write a series of cursive, lower case e’s in the air.  Using that same movement, wrap the yarn around each peg.  So the yarn goes under the peg, up the right side of the peg, over the top, down the left side and back under the bottom and over to the next peg.  Keep going, keep going, keep going, etc.  When you reach the first peg, add another layer of e-wrap.  You need at least two rows of e-wrap to make a knit stitch.  Once the second row it done, start with the last e-wrap you made, use your loom pick, and pull the bottom loop up over the top loop, and off the  peg.  Continue all the way around the loom.  Add another layer of e-wrap and repeat to make the next row of knitting.
To start:  Using doubled yarn, e-wrap the loom for 40 rows.  This is the leg of the stocking.  (Make it as long as you want.  You choose of how many rows you want to go).
Now to turn the heel of the stocking; you may change yarn here if you want the heel to be a different color from the rest of the stocking.
E-wrap 8 pegs past the first peg. Lift the bottom loop over the top loop.  Next e-wrap back over those same 8 pegs and 8 more past the first peg, for a total of 16 pegs, lift the bottom loop over the top loop of each peg. 
E-wrap back over 15 of the last 16 pegs, lift the bottom loop over the top loop of each peg. E-wrap back over 14 of the last 15 pegs, then then finish the keep moving back and forth over these same pegs, only remember to stop short one more peg each row until you only have 4 pegs left.  Now reverse the process you just did, going back and forth adding a peg to each row until you are back to the original 16 pegs. 
Continue going round and round the whole 31 pegs of the loom for 26 rows, this is the foot of the stocking, (gain you may choose how long you want to make it).
When you have reached the end, thread the yarn needle with a piece of yarn that will go 1½ times around the loom.  Start with first peg and pick up loop on to the threaded yarn so that all the loops are on the yarn. 
Pull all the loops off from the loom, if you did it right all the loops will be on the yarn.  
Pull the yarn tight and all the loops will be together.  This is how you remove a hat from a round loom.  Turn the stocking inside out and tie a tight knot.  Trim the ends. 
While the stocking is inside out, use the yarn that is left on the needle, to sew closed the holes left by turning the heel.  Turn your stock right side out again and you are done.  You can add a string to hang the stocking from, by crocheting a chain or using a piece of ribbon.  Done. 
 The white folded down edge on the one stocking was created by relooping the top of the stocking on to the loom and using the e-wrap and white yarn, working 10 rows.  To cast off, using a crochet hook, you pull the loop off the first peg and, then pull the next loop of  and pull the second loop through the first loop, just like casting off in knitting.  Keep lifting off and pulling through until they are all off the loom.  I then used the crochet hook make a lacy edge by single crochet into the first stitch, *chain 3sc in the next stitch, repeating from* until you reach the beginning.  Cut off a tail, yarn over and pull the tail through the last loop and pull tight.  Weave the tail into the edge and you are done.   Enjoy! 


  1. Thank you! My little brother and I were just talking about how to make stockings on a loom! I am an old fashioned knitter and knew that it would be possible but I didn't know how! Thanks so much for this great how to!! :)

  2. you should make the heel part into a video cause I got so confused and ended up making to many mistakes lol

  3. Thank you for a great tutorial On sock making!!